Why is it beneficial to choose glass, metal, paper, or silicone over plastic beverage bottles?

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At Rimco, our objective is to urge customers to opt for alternatives to plastic that are not only valued for their durability but also likely to be retained and utilized over an extended period. This approach not only enhances brand recognition but also supports corporate environmental objectives. Below are the top 5 reasons why you should choose sustainable drinkware for...

Branded Apparel Part One: The Impact of Fabric


Virtually every company is looking for ways to get their name in front of consumers. One of the best ways to do this is with branded apparel. When employees wear branded apparel, it makes it easy for customers to identify someone to help them quickly. For promotional pieces, a quality apparel item with unique imaging can set you...

Cleaning Up Our Oceans

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Images Courtesy of The Ocean Cleanup. In 2019, Rimco began promoting products made from materials other than one-time use plastics because of the crisis it has created in our oceans. When considering promotional products or custom packaging it is important to think about where it will be in 6 months or a year from now… and where it will eventually...

Color Trends for 2020

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Images Courtesy of Adobe Stock. Left to right: Leandro Crespi / Stocksy United, Katarina Simovic/ Stocksy United, Leandro Crespi / Stocksy United, Alexey Kuzma/ Stocksy United, Amsterdam/ Stocksy United, Liliya Rodnikova/Stocksy United If you have seen The Devil Wears Prada then you know just how important color choices are in the fashion industry. Color palettes at New York’s Fashion Week...

Hospitality Industry Vendor Sheds Single-Use Plastic for Alternate Products

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Originally published at Newsmaker Alert.
Orlando, FL – November 2019 / Newsmaker Alert / Rimco Marketing Products, an Orlando-based supplier of marketing and specialty products for the hospitality, timeshare and business communities, has recently announced that they will no longer create and sell single-use plastic products in support of helping to combat growing plastic pollution. Rimco (

Metals billionaire Andrew Forrest is making a $300 million bet on the next big commodity — plastic

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Rimco announced in September, 2019 that we would no longer sell one-time use plastic products and would offer clients alternatives.  Andrew Forrest is investing $300 million in a new venture harvesting plastic waste from our oceans and recycling it into new products.   Check out our Eco-Friendly Products section for ideas. This is an effort everyone should support and promote...

One-time Use Plastic Bottles

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Water in plastic bottles with a customer’s label is a popular hand out; trade shows, sporting events, conventions and offices are a few places where throw-away plastic bottles are given out. However, concerning health and pollution issues have surfaced in recent years. .  Plastic residue had been found in some bottled water. .  When exposed to high temperatures during delivery or...

Make Your Message Stand Out & Get The Point Across

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At ARDA, in April, we displayed new video book presentations. They attracted a lot of attention! Our theme, Reveal the Experience, illustrated perfectly how “A picture is worth a thousand words… A video speaks volumes.” The video contained new projects, as well as other custom presentation products from some of our factory partners. It was a great vehicle to...

Product Trends for 2019


January 2019 has been hectic with closing out 2018 and attending promotional product shows displaying new items. Designs and styles are following retail products. Softer fabrics, muted colors, unisex t’s are back and vintage designs. Activewear fabrics and designs have increased dramatically. Private labeling is a nice touch for client wearables. Suppliers keeping deep inventory plus decorating saves time and...

Starwood Awarded ARDA Gold for New Member Package!


The 2015 American Resort & Development Association’s annual convention was held in April in Orlando.

Here, the Awards Gala is always a highlight. It recognizes excellence throughout the resort industry, including in Sales and Marketing projects, and in collateral. Rimco works with resort creative teams as a supplier for ARDA members. We help them develop trend-setting products that...