One-time Use Plastic Bottles

Water in plastic bottles with a customer’s label is a popular hand out; trade shows, sporting events, conventions and offices are a few places where throw-away plastic bottles are given out. However, concerning health and pollution issues have surfaced in recent years.

.  Plastic residue had been found in some bottled water.

.  When exposed to high temperatures during delivery or when left in cars, plastic can be released in the water.

.  Discarded plastic bottles in our lakes, rivers, and oceans have created a crisis. There are several organizations harvesting discarded plastic turning it into sellable products to support their education and harvesting efforts.

These are a few reasons that Rimco has made the decision to cease selling customer labeled water in throw-away plastic bottles effective September 1, 2019.

We will offer water for promotional purposes in paper cartons and metal cans or bottles. We suggest using reusable beverage containers that can be refilled instead of discarded.

Read what Consumer Reports has to say about bottled water: