Cleaning Up Our Oceans

Images Courtesy of The Ocean Cleanup.

In 2019, Rimco began promoting products made from materials other than one-time use plastics because of the crisis it has created in our oceans. When considering promotional products or custom packaging it is important to think about where it will be in 6 months or a year from now… and where it will eventually wind up.  We must rethink the substrates used in products that promote our brand. Let us work with your design team and develop packaging and promotions that create a stir and speak well for your brand while also reinforcing your commitment to sustainability and protecting our oceans and waterways.

Because of the continued business support of our clients, we have been able to donate to The Ocean Cleanup (#TheOceanCleanup) to advance their work. So, thank you everyone for your business. We wanted to share the following update from The Ocean Cleanup so that you can see what they have accomplished.

In the video link below, Boyan Slat reports the ongoing progress of The Ocean Cleanup initiative. This young man has done amazing things for our oceans… and deserves everyone’s support.

The Ocean Cleanup’s (@TheOceanCleanup) Boyan Slat Tweeted: Thank you – every one of you. In 2019, over 80% of our funding came from individuals like you who supported us via our website or Facebook fundraisers. This allowed us to get our first plastic out of the ocean and deploy the first Interceptors. Your support makes a difference.The Ocean Cleanup – Thank You

A recent video from The Ocean Cleanup shows some of the fantastic work they are doing to clean our waterways, check it out:

Updated to add new information on The Ocean Cleanup and sunglasses made with plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. These sunglasses are an excellent gifting idea for all the eco-conscious people in your life.