Hospitality Industry Vendor Sheds Single-Use Plastic for Alternate Products

Originally published at Newsmaker Alert.

Orlando, FL – November 2019 / Newsmaker Alert / Rimco Marketing Products, an Orlando-based supplier of marketing and specialty products for the hospitality, timeshare and business communities, has recently announced that they will no longer create and sell single-use plastic products in support of helping to combat growing plastic pollution.

Rimco ( has been creating marketing products since 1984. Many of the major branded hotel companies and timeshare developers have used the company to create customized new-member packages, bags, binders, boxes and specialty items.

Says Connie Jones, Rimco founder and CEO, “We believe it’s time to step up and replace convenience plastic products with those using natural raw materials that are compostable and plastic products made from recycled plastic. To accomplish this, we have eliminated single-use plastic as a key component of our marketing product sales. We now offer alternatives to our clients who have been eager to join forces with us to save the planet.”

Rimco no longer sells water in logo embellished single-use plastic bottles, even though these are always a popular give-away at trade shows, sporting events, resorts and business establishments. Instead, they offer water in metal bottles and cans or cartons. They encourage giving guests logo-embellished beverage bottles that can be refilled, including models that have built in flip-up straws. Refillable bottles are available in metal, plastic and recycled plastic; because they are kept and reused, they offer a visible display of a brand’s commitment and support to eliminating waste every time the bottle is refilled.

“Along with its countless advantages,” added Jones, “plastic has changed the way we consume and use many products. It has seduced us with its low cost and convenience products and has transformed us into a ‘disposable society.’ We no longer fix things; we throw them away and buy newer models. This mindset has resulted in an alarming amount of plastic pollution, creating a crisis in our oceans. At Rimco, we committed to introducing businesses to products available that will reduce waste in our environment. Every effort is important…and everyone can participate.”

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