Product Trends for 2019

January 2019 has been hectic with closing out 2018 and attending promotional product shows displaying new items. Designs and styles are following retail products.

Softer fabrics, muted colors, unisex t’s are back and vintage designs. Activewear fabrics and designs have increased dramatically. Private labeling is a nice touch for client wearables. Suppliers keeping deep inventory plus decorating saves time and money and eliminates short shipping due to decoration errors.

Items that multi-task…LED flashlight contains a strobe and charging device. Safety tool with COB Flashlight: Extra bright light, steel pointed head to shatter glass easily, magnetic head, sharp edge to cut seat belt and push button to turn light on/off. Smart metal water bottle holds up to 13.7 oz. Touch the top lid and LCD screen shows liquid temperature, water hydration reminder/alarm every two hours, charging cable included and FDA compliant.

Trade show and display products highlighted ease of carrying, set-up and storage. Colorful graphics, lights and video screens will attract attention to client’s venue.

Tech products continue to expand offering new and better quality along with heftier price points. When quality is more important than quantity, there are fantastic new items.

Always at the top of our list are factories that offer “custom” as well as stock products. Quantities for custom are dropping…giving us an opportunity to use our creative side to design
something unique for a client instead of applying their logo to an inventory item.

Let us know what’s on your mind for Q-1. We’d love to brainstorm with your team and offer ideas for your next promotion or presentation project.